Given Name Toshiki
Surname Hoshikawa
Kanji 星川 敏樹 Hoshikawa Toshiki
Aliases Pegasus
Gender male
Occupation cult leader
Education Waseda University graduate
Age at Introduction Chapter 49

Pegasus (real name Toshiki Hoshikawa) is a self-proclaimed prophet and leader of the Pegasus Ensemble, which aims to save the world from destruction through music.


Pegasus was likely always the type to lead others. In his school years, he led a group of students to create a tetrahedron out of desks. As an adult, he was the head of the Twelve Musical Scales cult and ran for political office. He claims to see visions of the future, though he cannot control what he sees. These visions come in the form of music. He uses the phrase "good vibrations" as a greeting and slogan.

Pegasus is the son of the creator of the Cosmo Health Center cult. His and his father's new age beliefs embarrass his brother, who views the two as con artists.

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