Gender female
Introduction Chapter 1
Age at Introduction 11
The most popular girl in Punpun's fifth grade class, as well as his first crush.

Personality Edit

Miyo is popular but regularly bullies other students. She is shown pinning an unnamed boy from her class to the ground and shoving a rock into his mouth.

Plot Edit

The manga begins when Miyo, Punpun's crush, transfers out of his class. The same week, Aiko Tanaka transfers in, and Miyo is completely forgotten since Punpun falls head over heels for Aiko. Miyo is seen again in a brief flashback after Punpun faints at the miso factory. In high school, Punpun writes a story for Sachi that begins when a girl transfers out of a boy's elementary class before he falls in love with the new girl. Miyo is again alluded to in the epilogue, when one of Harumi's elementary students transfers out of his class and a little boy falls in love with the new transfer student.

Relationships Edit

Punpun Onodera Edit

The first time Punpun witnesses violence or abuse is when he walks in on Miyo hurting the unnamed boy. Upon seeing this, he realizes he likes her. This can be interpreted as foreshadowing for the rest of the manga on the subject of Punpun's experiences with abusive relationships.

Chapters Edit

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